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Writepaperfor.me is an academic writing service that specializes in providing high school, undergraduate, Master, and PhD level students with essay writing services. They feature a sizable percentage of returning clients, and they offer a wide range of plagiarism free academic writing services. Based on their website, write paper for me reviews, and our experience, we took a look at their writing skills to determine how legit they are.


All the information presented on Writepaperfor.me points to it being a dedicated academic writing service with excellent quality and timely delivery. The website offers academic papers in various formats, ranging from custom essay writing to case studies and dissertation writing. The list of writing services on offer here is comprehensive.

The service doesn’t appear to be affiliated with other writing platforms, choosing to rely on its qualified writers instead. The site features professional writers who tend to client projects. Writepaperfor.me doesn’t appear to show how long they’ve been operating as an academic writing platform which is somewhat odd.

Prices and Discounts

The prices featured on this platform are on the lower end of the spectrum, which is good for students on a tight budget. Prices for high school-level custom essay writing start at $6.99, with PhD-level writing starting at $17.99 per page on a 14-day deadline. Prices naturally spike with shorter deadlines, but they are still very affordable.

They offer free revisions, but their terms and conditions are very tricky to figure out, with free revisions being the ONLY free service available. Any additional changes to the ordered project come with additional hidden fees, which can snowball very quickly.

The platform offers payments in installments, which is another great addition for students in need. While their pricing policy is legit, it’s best to approach Writepaperfor.me knowing exactly what you want in advance to avoid extra fees.

Prices at Writepaperfor.me

Offers and Extra Services

The extra services available on this writing platform include formatting, bibliography, amendments, and a title page with each order. While most writing platforms would consider these services the norm, Writepaperfor.me lists them as “extra”. Apart from that, the platform offers special discount coupons on their social media pages, encouraging students to follow them there. However, there is no indication of these discount coupons on the website itself, which would minimize the number of students who use them.

Free revisions are listed prominently as being available at any moment, and students are not required to pay the full amount for their papers upfront. The platform does feature a money back guarantee; however, the site’s administration is “confident” that it isn’t necessary since the work is plagiarism free. This paints a worrying image of the platform’s refund policy, making us believe that students would have to fight hard to prove their point.

Papers Quality 

Based on other WritePapersFor.me reviews available online, we expected good quality custom essay writing from the service. We ordered undergraduate college papers which didn’t require comprehensive writing skills to assess the professional writers’ ability to deliver on the website’s promises. The academic paper we ordered was delivered within the deadline, although we chose to use the free revisions service to make it more presentable.

It was passed through a plagiarism checker to make sure everything is in order, and it was. We were skeptical of making any major changes to the initial paper due to the platform’s terms of service, which cite additional costs. We also used the site’s discount code found on Facebook, and it worked as advertised. Overall, the quality of the paper was satisfactory but not of top quality and needed additional sprucing up before being finished.

Writer’s Proficiency

The writing skills of the writer assigned to our custom essay were of a very high level, but we could spot stylistic mistakes typical for second language speakers. Despite that, the writer was communicative, positive, and proactive in answering our questions about the paper.

An additional keyword worth pointing out for Writepaperfor.me is “staff transparency”. Their writing staff is featured prominently on the site’s landing page, and you can easily assess their writing skills before ordering academic papers.

Keep in mind that the customer support team is still in charge of assigning professional writers to different projects, and you won’t be able to pick your writer. Despite that, we are satisfied with the experience we’ve had with the platform so far. 

Customer Service

The customer support featured on Writepaperfor.me consists of live chat, email, and phone calls. This means that students can choose whichever channel is most suited for them. The site also features a chat popup for easy access and instant customer support in case of emergency. It’s also possible to reach out to the team via Facebook and Twitter. Overall, the support team was very helpful in answering our questions, and all of their communication channels appear to be active.

How to contact Writepaperfor.me


Writepaperfor.me lists several social proof data on their landing page as proof of their quality. Their qualified writers are also listed prominently on the home page, allowing visitors to quickly glance at their profiles. This is a net positive, and students should take the time to look through each writer’s portfolio before making a paper order.

The platform offers a money back guarantee in case of poor writing quality in their refund policy, but the way to get there is somewhat complicated. If you are dissatisfied with your paper, you will have to present legit proof that the custom essay is not correctly written to get your money back. This means that students should be 100% sure that they want to make an order of specific college papers before committing to Writepaperfor.me.

Customer Reviews

Write paper for me reviews are somewhat polarizing. Sitejabber.com features plenty of positive customer reviews, with a single negative review that goes into detail about their order. The negative review addresses the website’s convoluted terms of service, which are heavily geared toward charging extra for edits and revisions.

What is even more concerning is the fact that TrustPilot.com flagged Writepaperfor.me as a “bad fit” for their website. They blocked any past reviews of the platform from appearing publicly, leading to speculation about what exactly happened.

However, Writepaperfor.me does feature social proof reviews on their website, but these are cherry-picked, as is to be expected.  Overall, there are a lot of glowing customer reviews for this platform, but students should still be wary and reserved about them.

What customers say about Writepaperfor.me

Pros and Cons


  • Fully dedicated to academic papers.
    Writepaperfor.me is dedicated solely to academic writing, which allows them to focus their efforts on what students need. Students from high school to PhD level will find plenty of writing services here.
  • Transparent about their writing staff.
    The platform’s professional writers’ staff is presented front and center without any secrets or omissions of important details. This is a big positive in their favor as many platforms keep this data under wraps.
  • Low-cost papers compared to other services.
    Students on a tight budget will be able to find quality essay writing services here. Free revisions are also a bonus, allowing students to use the writers’ writing skills to their fullest.


  • Lack of customer reviews online.
    It’s concerning that TrustPilot.com has blocked all write paper for me reviews from being seen publicly. However, SiteJabber.com features several reviews which can be used to gauge customers’ satisfaction.
  • Hidden paper editing expenses.
    Writepaperfor.me has a strict and extensive terms of service policy that is filled with hidden expenses. Students should be careful about their initial college papers orders, to avoid paying extra.
  • Difficult to enforce the refund policy.
    While money back refund policy does exist, it appears that it is only a legal formality in most circumstances. The platform is very strict about what it considers to be a “valid” request for a refund.

Our Verdict

Writepaperfor.me is an academic paper writing service with plenty to offer for students regardless of their budgets. Its writing staff appears friendly and professional, while its customer support team is communicative and proactive in responding to questions. The paper we ordered as a test was plagiarism checked, and everything appeared in order after some free revisions. Even with the lack of extensive write paper for me reviews online, we believe this to be a good platform. This is a legit writing service that, despite its strict terms of service, can serve as a good way for students to acquire quality college papers.