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Tutor Doctor has been in the U.S. for a number of years. In fact, it is one of the largest nationwide tutoring companies. Their business model that has been very successful, based upon franchises, as well as national corporate services. Large numbers of students, parents, and schools have taken advantage of these tutoring services.


Tutor Doctor is a nationwide corporation which provides direct on-site and online tutoring services of many types. They work with students from elementary age levels all the way up through adults. Tutoring services include specific subject areas and test prep for high school and university students (ACT, SAT, GRE, Miller’s Analogy, Law School LSAT, and more).

Student must understand this. Tutor Doctor is not a writing service. It does not provide custom essay and paper writing. Students who have a research paper, a term paper, essay writing, or other types of college papers due will not get these academic papers produced for them. What they can get is help as they go through the process of producing their own.

There are also tutoring services available in every content field for students who struggle in any of their coursework demands – math, science, etc.

When a parent or student purchases tutoring services, the company evaluates the need and assigns a specific tutor. These tutors may be available physically, through local franchises, or online, if a local franchise is not convenient. There are also courses offered, specifically in test preparation. These may also be in local physical settings or online, based upon student geographical location.

Prices and Discounts

All pricing for tutoring services is individually determined, based upon a number of factors. They include the academic level, type of services needed, geographic location, availability of in-house or online services, etc.

Students and parents can expect to pay between $40 – $80 per hour of tutoring, dependent on all of these factors. The only way to get a final cost is by contacting the closest local office or the company directly.

Obviously, there are no “discounts” in place. Pricing is provided up front. It is up to the customer to accept that cost or not.

Offers and Extra Services

Many of our reviews relate to a specific writing service that offers paper writing or other academic writing. When students order custom writing from such services, they expect to receive custom essay and paper writing uniquely produced just for them. They may enjoy extra free benefits related to their academic papers orders. Tutor Doctor does not operate as an academic writing service. So, any kind of offers or extra services are not available. Students request specific tutoring help, and prices are provided based upon those needs.

Papers Quality

Because Tutor doctor is not a place to get any type of essay writing, we will obviously not address paper quality. Instead, we have tried to look at tutor quality in terms of customer satisfaction. The company does post a number of testimonials on its site, from parents, teachers, and students, as well as some of its tutors. Everyone seems to feel that the company is professional. While we normally do not put stock in on-site testimonials, these are videos of actual students and their parents, with names. They are all quite positive, which we would expect, but we can take these as examples of satisfaction with the company.

Writer`s Proficiency

There are no research paper or essay writing pros to produce college papers for students here. There are tutors who can certainly help students produce their own and give them solid instruction on grammar, composition, research, and structural requirements of a term paper, for example. For students who truly want to improve their writing skills rather than rely on custom writing from others, this is a good resource.

Tutor Doctor screens its tutor applicants via a process – a background check, a reference check, an academic background check, and an interview, either in person or via Skype. Tutors are subject to oral and/or written testing on their subject areas. Tutors may be current or retired teachers and professors or even grad students who have great skills and knowledge in a specific content field.

Customer Service

There are several aspects to the company customer support service. When a student or parent first contacts Tutor Doctor, a member of the support team will discuss the need. In some cases, another member of the support team may provide some beginning assessment to determine a child’s current level of understanding. Other customer support agents will handle issues, such as dissatisfaction with a specific tutor and replacing that tutor with another. Still, others will handle refunds should a customer decide to terminate services.

Most customer service issues are handled through the local physical franchise office unless one is not available.


There are types of guarantees that Tutor Doctor offers. One, for example, is satisfaction. If a student or parent is unhappy with a specific tutor, for example, the company will replace that tutor until one is found that is a good match. The company does not guarantee specific grades on assignments or tests that might be given by a teacher in the regular school environment.

There is a 60-day guarantee too. If a customer is not happy, unused tutoring hours up to 60 days may be refunded.

Customer Reviews

Surprisingly, we found no Tutor Doctor reviews on Site Jabber. On Trust Pilot, though, there were many. More than half of the customers were happy with their services. However, there were complaints about the high cost and about specific franchise offices not responding to issues and complaints and not following through on refund guarantees.

Pros and Cons

Here is a quick synopsis of what we have found:


  • A solid company that offers high level tutoring services
  • Offers both in-person and online tutoring services
  • Provides a large variety of test prep tutoring


  • Very expensive in comparison to other tutoring services
  • Customer satisfaction depends on the quality of each franchise operation

Our Verdict

While students will not be able to order a custom essay or paper from Tutor doctor, if they are in need of help mastering skills and concepts in any coursework, they can find a tutor here. On the other hand, the services are pretty pricey, especially for students on a tight budget. There are actually free tutoring services out there, as well as campus-based help.