Home » Thesis and Dissertation Writing Services » has been in the business of providing writing services to students for several years. Because this review site is focusing on those companies who specifically provide dissertation services to graduate students, we will confine our review to a discussion of those products and services provided by this agency. We have studied the website content, the testimonials found on the site, trusteddissertations reviews we have found elsewhere on the web, and our own experience ordering a dissertation piece from the company. What follows is our summary of the company.

Website Quality

We spent a long time on the Trusted Dissertations website, reviewing everything they had to say about thesis and dissertation products and service. There is quite a lot of information, along with a blog that has some great articles with tips and strategies for writing these complex works.

The company offers all sorts of other academic writing products for students at any level of study, such as essays, papers, reviews, and such, but there is a great deal of content about dissertations specifically. This is especially good for Ph.D. candidates who are looking for top quality help with their projects. On the home page, there is a complete listing of dissertation research and writing services, divided by the typical chapters of a dissertation, from proposal through the final discussion and conclusion chapter to the abstract.

What is important to note is that the service is quite honest about what it can and cannot do. For example, most dissertations involve original research which is generally carried out in an environment local to the student’s school, if not upon that campus itself. Obviously, a Trusted Dissertations Ph.D. consultant is not going to travel to the student’s locale, conduct the research and then write up the methodology and results sections. A consultant can help the student design the research and the instruments that will be used. However, the student must conduct the research, collect the data and then turn it over to his/her consultant to prepare the presentation and then to craft the statistical analysis, if the student should need that too.
This is all very refreshing.

Quality of Products and Customer Service

To determine quality, we rely on the website content (which is excellent in this case), the feedback and comments from past customers, and the product we received (a literature review chapter on differentiated programming for at-risk middle school students). Here is what we discovered:

  • The scholarly nature of the website content is impressive and certainly instills confidence in grad students looking for help.
  • Customers who have posted reviews on other sites and on social media are very pleased with the products they received.
  • Our literature review was an exceptional piece of writing. The research cited in the chapter was current and relevant, and all related to the dissertation topic that we had submitted with our order.

In terms of customer service, they truly are open 24/7/365. We called on two occasions, live chatted for one session, and even Skyped with our writer. Customer service told us up front that the chapters of a dissertation or the sections of a thesis were not pieces that were quickly completed in a number of hours or a day or two, as other sites might claim. These took considerable work on the part of the Ph.D. consultants with our involvement and frequent discussion with our writer.
This writing service does it right. No wonder the products are so exceptional.

Prices and Discounts

Trusted Dissertation pricing is about average for the industry. For regular academic products, prices range from $12.99/page for high school work with a 14-day deadline, up to $35.99 for graduate level work. Our literature review, with a 30-day deadline, was $499.00 (25-page minimum).

In terms of discounts, new customers receive a one-time 15% discount. From there, there are other discounts, ranging from 5 – 15%, based upon total cumulative money spent and/or total cumulative pages ordered. We received a 15% discount for a first-time order, $74.96 in fact.


All customers can expect free title, tables of contents, outlines and bibliographies. There are other extras that are fee-based and listed for customers to consider.


Our review resulted in great things to be said about this company. For graduate students, this company is trustworthy, honest to a fault, and fully professional. We give a rating of “superior,” and highly recommend it for thesis and dissertation writing.