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It is unclear exactly how long has been in business. On the website, three different start years are listed – 2011, 2012, and 2013. At any rate, we have been able to locate reviews dating back to 2013. These have been used as one factor in developing our review of this company and the products and services it provides. We have also used the website content and quality, the information provided about specific products and writers, testimonials found on the site, and an assessment of samples the company provides. In addition, we contacted customer support via phone and live chat with lots of specific questions about its dissertation services. We also ordered a literature review chapter for a dissertation and evaluated the delivered product. All of these things provided the information we have used to write this ThesisGeek review.

Website Quality

The website is sleek, clear, and well-structured. On the home page is basic information about thesis and dissertation products and services. There are links to “About Us,” “Pricing,” “Testimonials,” and “Contact Us.” there are also footer pages divided into categories which relate specifically to thesis and dissertation products and services.

One large concern is that there are no published policies on the site. The company should develop these and post them for potential customers to review.

In reviewing the footer pages, we were struck by the “thin” content. There was no information about the degrees, background, etc. of the writer being used and the pages were largely promotional rather than informational.

The content was reflective of good English grammar and composition. The two samples were short excerpts from a dissertation and a capstone project. The dissertation would have been adequate for a Master’s thesis perhaps, but certainly not for a dissertation that requires original research. The capstone project is certainly adequate for a Mater’s project, although there was not enough of it provided for a full assessment. The other issue is that we have seen these same two samples on other websites.

Quality of Products and Services

Actually, ThesisGeek offers all types of academic writing, from high school forward. But its focus is clearly on graduate level theses and dissertations, and that was our interest as well, in providing this review. To gauge the quality of writing, we relied on customer reviews that were posted on other reviews sites and social media. We also relied on the quality of the literature review that we ordered for a dissertation on a research question in the topic area of middle school education. These are our findings.

  • Customers expressed concerns about the quality of resources used in the production of their literature reviews. The concerns included the fact that secondary resource materials were used in some cases, rather than primary research in the research question field. Other concerns included the methodology and research designs.
  • Our literature review was mediocre at best. The research question related to differentiated programing for at-risk middle school students, and a number of research studies that were cited in the review were not specific to this topic, but, rather, to at-risk students in general. Given the amount of research in this area, there was no reason not to locate and use better and more relevant research.

In terms of services, we did contact the customer support department to ask many detailed questions about dissertation services. One of our concerns was the fact that they could promise a complete dissertation with original research, completed remotely online.

If a student must complete original research it must be done on campus or in the general geographical location of where that student resides. Most legitimate dissertation services will design the research but then have the student implement that design locally and then submit the data back to his/her writer for reporting and analysis. This all takes time, of course. So, how exactly does a dissertation get completed in as short as two-to-four weeks?

Prices and Discounts

Pricing ranges from $22.99/page to $31.17/page depending upon deadline parameters. This is relatively cheap for dissertation work, as most legitimate services charge far more.

Relative to discounts, there are no permanent ones advertised on the site itself. Students who want discounts must contact customer service and ask for them – though this is not advertised anywhere. We received a small discount only because we asked for one.


We were told that revisions of our literature would be free of charge. We asked and were also told that the title, table of contents and bibliography pages would also be free. Students who use this service will have to take initiative and ask for what they want – it is not publicly offered.


Thesis Geek is certainly a writing service that offers thesis and dissertation products and services. Students can order full works, any part of such works, or editing of the works they have already finished. The company is very “thin” on descriptions and explanation, however, and, as well, provides no policies for customers to review. The fact that full products are offered in very short time frames, and the fact that they are promising original research studies remotely are causes for serious concern.

We would not recommend this service – there are just too many questionable practices. Customers’ Reviews(2)


I shouldn`t have placed my order at their resource. First, there were too many questions about the paper in general (I even though it might be good, the writer is interested in the best result). But no, it was because the writer didn`t have a single clue of what she was going to write. Second, how should I phone them in? They put a number and then a word geek. Okay, what is it? How should I do it? (want to highlight that they don`t react fast to emails you send them).
After all my point of view has changed a lot! I wouldn`t want to use this service again, and I definitely will not use it again!

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I was looking for some dissertation writing companies that didn`t have an expensive price and had some nice feedback from regular and not that regular customers. Thesis Geek looked like the one that could be trusted.
Somehow, it was the wrong first impression. As except for the support team none of the services worked. Sadly, I wasted so much time for nothing. I don`t even count the almost double amount that they charged me. My recommendation would be to stay away from this place - as far as possible.

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Unprofessional service that cannot perform tasks in accordance to the needed requirements. As a person of professional business I highly do not recommend this writing resource.


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