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Writeversity has not been around for a long time – we can find information on the web that dates back. In putting together this review, we took into account lots of factors – its business model, the information found on the Write Versity site, any testimonials, feedback, and comments we have found on the web, our assessment of the company’s customer service through our interactions with them, and the results of a research paper we ordered.

Website Quality

The website is organized by a home page with upper links to other information about the products and services. It loads quickly as do the pages linked to at the top. There are some broken links at the footer of the homepage, however, such as “Site Map.”

The content on the site is verbose, to put it mildly. Any customer who thinks that he will be able to “snack” through the writeversity site will be disappointed. The text is in long paragraphs, much of which could be condensed. And, there are odd sentence structures and words, such as “vouchsafe,” that are not common to American English, though the company states it is U.S.-based.

There is also a blog with numerous articles. Unfortunately, the content is redundant and thin, and it all relates to thesis and dissertation writing. While the company claims to be U.S.-based, it is odd that they are using the dissertation term for the project a Master’s candidate produces and the term “thesis” for the culminating project for a Ph.D. This is just the opposite in U.S. schools.

Condensing content and repairing broken or non-existing links would help.

Quality of Products and Customer Service

We looked for WriteVersity reviews on the web and were able to find a good number of them. They were not, however, very complimentary. Customers indicated that the writing quality was very poor. They stated that they had paid the $4.99 for a brief “overview” and that it was well done. But the final product reflected bad grammar and structure, and customer service was not too responsive.

The paper we ordered was not of the quality suitable for the college level. Resources were thin and old; we had a difficult time finding the thesis statement in the rambling introduction, and there was a lot of repetitive content, perhaps to fill up the 8 pages we had ordered.

Regarding customer, there is live chat feature on the site, and we did have some interesting discussions with a couple of agents about the speed with which a Ph.D. dissertation could be produced. There are two phone numbers for office contact. One is an answering service that appears to be located in India. We called the 2nd number several times and never got an answer.

Prices and Discounts

There is an entire page dedicated to discounts on the WriteVersity site. The gist of it is this. First, they say they do not play the “discount” game. Next, they speak to automatic discounts that are provided during the ordering process. This is true – our price was $171.48 but $157.76 with the discount.

Prices are a bit high for the industry. The paper we ordered was 8 pages with a 7-day deadline. Industry average is about $135.00.


Put briefly, there are none, other than the guarantee of no plagiarism and revisions, along with the discounts.


This writversity review has been a disappointment. While certainly, there is no WriteVersity scam, the product quality, exaggerated claims (a dissertation in 7 days), and a website that could use some repair, speak to a company that is not “ready for prime time.” We do not recommend it.

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Ryan H.

Reviewed Writeversity

I don't think this writing service knows what "professional writing" is actually all about. They say that they work only with professional writers, but my academic paper resembled more to a high school paper! If you can't provide excellent writing skills, then just don't take this kind of orders!

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Reviewed Writeversity

I ordered an essay from this company and sent the guidelines to the writer. However, he didn't take them in consideration and the paper didn't contain all the necessary information. Very disappointed.

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