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According to Phdify, the company has been providing writing services. This is not verified by any incorporation documents that we can find, and the off-site information we have found dates back. There are many factors that allow a review, however, including the website itself, company policies, both on-site and off-site customer feedback, information about pricing and benefits, and what we discovered through the order of a short research paper. The following summary is the result of our investigation.

Website Quality

This was the first concern that raised its head for us. The home page is quite crowded, and while boxes are used to separate the content into headings, things just appear to “crunched” in.

There are four links at the top of the home page – dissertation help, dissertation consulting, dissertation editing, and write my essay. These links take a visitor to further information about each of these services – information that is largely repetitive of that contained on the home page.

At the bottom of the home page, there are links to “how it works”, an FAQ, a “contact us” page, and a blog. Again, much of this information is redundant.

The striking things about the home page are these:

  • The writing is terrible. All of the text has obviously been written by a foreigner who is telling visitors that the writers all have PH.D.’s and are native English-speaking scholars. We wonder why one of those scholars did not write the content.
  • There are photos and quotations from a few of the PH.D. writers on the home page. The quotes are also in poor English – this does not instill a lot of confidence.
  • The blog reflects the same very poor English composition found on the other site content

There are two policies – Terms of Use and Privacy. These contain the standard features that all such policies contain. Missing are policies on such things as refunds and revisions.

All of the text on the site relates to dissertation research and writing. However, once a visitor gets to the ordering process, he finds that in fact the service offers every type of academic writing. No one would know this and would therefore not access the ordering process at all.

Quality of Products and Services

We do not put much “stock” in on-site testimonials. In the case of Phdify, all of the testimonials are of the same style and tone, which raises some suspicion.

Off-site reviews and comments tell a very different story. Just like the content we reviewed on the site, customers state that their writers were definitely not native English-speakers. Other complaints relate to unresponsive writers, to delays, and light-weight resources, when original research should be reviewed and cited.

At first, we intended to order a dissertation proposal. Once we saw the array of products, however, we decided to order an undergraduate level research paper, to see if the quality would be better. It was not. The resources were appropriate for a high school piece, and the grammar and composition were terrible.

We are extremely disappointed in what this company is delivering to its customers.

Prices and Discounts

For a company that offers such poor quality, the costs are high.

There is no price calculator on the site. The customer will not be given a price until all of the order details are entered into the order form fields.

We placed an order for a dissertation first, with no intention of actually ordering the piece. We had already been told by a customer service agent that we could get one within three days. We gave a 10-day deadline, and the piece was priced at $4,355.63.

We place a real order for an 8-page research paper with a 10-day deadline and paid $232.30 for it. This is quite pricey in comparison to other writing services whose quality is much better.

Customers are told that they put the payment in full “on account” but that it is not paid to the writer until the customer is fully satisfied. We were not satisfied with our paper and indicated so. We requested extensive revisions and were not satisfied with those either. While the company promises unlimited revisions, we did not get any more. We asked for a refund and were ignored.


In short, there are none. The customer can order a higher level of service which is not clearly defined, but which is fee-based. The other “extra” is a promise of plagiarism-free writing. We scanned our research paper and found 5%, a level that is acceptable.


We cannot understand how this company has much business. First, the owners, administrators, customer support agents, and writers do not speak and write in correct English. Second, the prices are just too high. Third, there are exaggerated claims regarding the speed at which a full dissertation can be produced.

Overall, students should not use this service. They will over-pay for poor quality. Our rating is “Poor.”

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Reviewed Phdify

Although their website design is quite nice, I cannot imagine any case in which I would like to work with them ever again. First impression of them was pretty nice: friendly support, the promise of discounts, scanned diplomas of their writers. As a result, it all occurred to be a huge scam. Straight after you give them money for your order they change! You would get no helpful answers about when would the paper be ready or when would they do your summary page or send you that promised plagiarism report. PHDIFY is a scam resource.

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Reviewed Phdify

Phdity wasn`t able to write my thesis of a good quality. That lead to the weak dissertation at the end. My complaint wasn`t taken seriously and they had made no effort to rewrite it or to add a few different things to make it actually better and of an accurate order. I think that this place is a weak thesis writing service that shouldn`t be trusted. Disgusting to admit that the price is also higher than the usual on the similar resources.

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Reviewed Phdify

They say the truth about the extensive thesis help consulting service at their resource. However, they say it in positive but in fact it is negative way.
First I was looking for someone to write a thesis for me, and here I am, a few weeks after still waiting for the order to be delivered to me. I hear there are a lot of people applying for dissertation writers for hire program at theirs. Is it because no normal person can stand working for them for a long time?
Having no time for writing while in college I wish I still had done it on my own.
Do not recommend.

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John M.

Reviewed Phdify

I was looking for a trustworthy service to buy dissertation online and came across Phdify. They seemed fine and I placed an order. However the writer didn't finish it on time. It was late for two hours only, so I can't say that it was too bad, but that's just because I ordered it beforehand. The worst thing is that the writer didn't follow my guidelines. The paper was awful and didn't contain all the necessary parts. Their dissertation writing help was useless!

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Reviewed Phdify

I did not get any custom dissertation help from PhDify group. To the request of do my dissertation for me they replied: yes, of course, it`s an easy task. So what do I have now? I have a disgusting dissertation that looks more like a sample and a very raw one. Finished professional paper? If only! Now I`ve almost run out of time and need to look for a place where I can buy PhD dissertation! Again!!!

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