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MyDissertations states that it has been in the business of providing thesis and dissertation writing, editing, and proofreading. We cannot verify this information because we can only fine an Internet “footprint” that goes back 4 years. Nevertheless, we have accumulated enough information about the company from all of our normal sources – the website content, on-site posted testimonials, off-site customer comment, feedback, and reviews, and from our own experience ordering a dissertation proposal.

It should be noted that this company only offers thesis and dissertation services at the Master’s and Ph.D. academic levels.

Website Quality

The company website is well-organized with a home page and links at the top to other pages – “about, rates, testimonials, contact us, and log in.”  At the top of the home page is a toll-free number and at the bottom the live chat feature. These two items appear on every page of the site.

The site text is well-written for the most part. There are some notable exceptions that indicate perhaps and ESL writer was involved in the content creation. This raises somewhat of a “red flag.” If all of the writers are Ph.D. scholars from English-speaking institutions in the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia, why was one of them not employed to proofread the website text?

Most of the informational content is located on the home page, divided by sub-headings. Notably absent are visuals which would break this content up a bit and perhaps more engage a reader.

Notably absent from the site are any policies. This is a huge concern, as most professional writing services have several policies that outline the rights and responsibilities of both the company and the client.

Also notably absent are samples and a blog – indicators of a company that has been in business for a while and that proudly displays the quality produced by its writers.

Quality of Products and Services

We can only judge quality by customer feedback, and, in this instance, our assessment of the dissertation proposal we ordered and received. The following summarizes our findings:

  • As expected, there is a long listing of testimonials from satisfied clients on the website. Some of the comments were odd, as they were from students who claimed to have been using the company’s services many times over and over a number of years. Theses and dissertations are culminating projects, produced at the end of one’s graduate program. We are wondering what other products these customers could have ordered over several years.
  • Off-site, comments and feedback were not so positive. Customers complained that, while they were promised native English-speaking researchers and writers, in fact their writers were obviously ESL – structural grammar errors, incorrect word usage, and syntax errors. Other complained about the quality of resources used, stating that they were far too “elementary” for graduate level research.
  • We wanted to verify a claim made by an on-site testimonial that a full dissertation had been completed in a single day. We called the customer service department and asked how quickly a full dissertation could be completed and were told three days. This, of course, is impossible.
  • We ordered a dissertation proposal, provided the research topic, and gave very detailed instructions about what was to be included in each section of that proposal. What we got was a mess. No instructions were followed, the writing was at a high school level, and we are still waiting for the revisions that were promised almost a month ago.

In terms of quality, this company has much to improve upon. And with no written policies, we do not even know what recourse we have. While the company promises a full refund if not satisfied, our request for one has been ignored so far.

Prices and Discounts

There is a pricing chart on the related page. For research and writing, pricing begins at the Master’s level at $26.55/page with a 15-day deadline and graduates up to $42.75/page for Ph.D. level writing that has a one-day deadline. This is amazingly cheap for the industry.

There are no discounts of any kind offered to customers, even for a long and complex work like a dissertation.


The “extras” include a guarantee of original, non-plagiarized writing, with a plagiarism report to back that up. Beyond that, the company lists other benefits such as direct communication with the writer, unlimited revisions, and commitment to meeting client deadlines.


This company is a disappointment. Further, the lack of written policies is just not acceptable. For a company that has been in business for the amount of time it claims, these should be provided. Personally, we would never recommend a company that does not have them.

The other obvious concerns are the off-site customer complaints, the exaggerated claims about the amount of time in which they can produce a full, original dissertation, and the very poor quality of the dissertation proposal we received. Add to that the fact that our requests for revisions and a refund were ignored.

We cannot recommend this company and, in fact, urge students to avoid it. Our overall rating is “Very Poor.”

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I asked them to proofread my dissertation and in case if needed edit/format/rewrite it. After they had completed the proofreading I was informed that my paper needed all of the three services. Okay, if it would bring me the desired grade - I`m willing to pay. However, not sure what kind of professional job they were doing over my paper, the result turned to be awful. I didn`t like it at all! And because I didn`t have time I had to redo the whole changes that they did completely on my own.

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