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We are not certain how long Laustan has been in business. It’s site copyright date, and we have been able to find web-based information on the company going back about four years. In preparing this laustan review, we looked at a number of factors. These included the content on the website, any testimonials we could find on that site, pricing, discounts, information on writers, and samples and blog articles, if available. In the end, we went through the process of ordering a research paper and then evaluated the quality of research and writing we received. Our findings are summarized here.

Website Quality

The site loads quickly, and there are links at the top of the homepage that provide easy navigation to such pages as “how it works,” “services,” pricing,” etc. Services include any type of academic writing for undergraduate and graduate students. All of the content on the site, however, focuses on thesis writing.

The company states that it is U.S.-based and only employs “certified” writers from the U.S., UK, Australia, and Canada, many of whom have Ph.D.’s in their fields. Given the content itself and the rather poor quality of the writing, we are not certain about this claim.

  • Some of the statements about a thesis itself are simply incorrect. It is a research piece, not an argumentative piece in which both sides of an argument are to be addressed.
  • There are several articles about thesis writing – the English is very poor, with incorrect sentence structure, wrong word usage, etc. These were not written by native-English speaking writers.
  • Some of the links on the site are broken

All in all, the company should revise its website if it hopes to attract English-speaking college students who are looking for high quality.

Quality of Products and Services

It was impossible to gauge quality by the site itself. We looked on the web, however, and did find Laustan reviews on other review sites and social media. Customer comments and feedback were not very positive, and students spoke to disappointments about writing quality as well as the quality of resources that were used. In general, the overall opinion was that the products were not suitable for college level.

The company offers a “test the writer” option. A customer can pay $4.99 and receive a “draft” within 24 hours. We decided to try this. Rather than a draft, what we received was a short synopsis of what the topic would include, and the writing quality was pretty poor. Still, we went ahead and ordered the paper. We got a piece that might have been acceptable at the high school level, but no more. Resources were all secondary, and, again, the writing quality was just not indicative of a native English-speaker.

Certainly, there is no Laustan scam. However, quality it an issue.

Another issue relates to customer service. There is no phone number, and the small link that says “contact us” is broken. There is only one way to communicate and that is through live chat. We did contact the chat feature. No one was available, although the “online now” phrase was clearly there. We were finally able to get someone after our third try on the second day of attempt. We asked about a Ph.D. dissertation of 185 pages and were told that we could have it in seven days – a miracle, we believe.

Prices and Discounts

There is an easy way to calculate a price on the pricing link. Our paper was $157.76 after a calculated “discount.” We were unable to find any information about discounts, so are not sure how this works. We also priced a 185-page dissertation with a 7-day deadline and the price was $4560.71 after the discount.


Other than direct communication with one’s writer and the promise of free revisions, there is little else that the company offers. There are three levels of writing, and there are extra fees for levels higher than “standard.”


Laustan is not a writing service we can recommend. There are just too many issues – poor writing quality, a website that is not well-maintained, no phone number, and a live chat feature that is not always operating.

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Tom P.

Reviewed Laustan

My essay was nicely written and had some good points also. Unfortunately, I didn't like how they communicate with their clients. They seem irritated, or they are just plain rude to people! I don't know if I'm going to hire them again, although I got a "B" on that paper.

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Reviewed Laustan

The writer failed to meet the deadline for my research paper for 4 hours! Keep it in mind if you have an urgent paper, 'cause it can get you in trouble.

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