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A writing service that has been in business for the past 15 years has certainly developed an online reputation. And it certainly deserves an objective review. BestDissertation is the company, and our review has been the result of a number of factors: the information provided on the company website, any samples or blog articles which are posted, information about the writers it uses, testimonials on the site itself, feedback and comments we have found on the web, our experience with customer service, and an evaluation of a research paper we ordered. Here is what we found.

Website Quality

The company site loads quickly, and navigation is easy. The homepage introduces its dissertation services, the benefits that the agency gives its customers, and a listing of other writing products and services that are also offered. These products and services include all types of academic writing from high school forward.

Other links take a visitor to and FAQ page, samples, prices, discounts, etc. Each of these pages also load quickly and provides the appropriate information.

Quality of writing on the site is relatively good, with a few grammatical and word usage errors that indicate a possible ESL writer.

Contact information is clearly displayed (phone, chat, and messaging).

Quality of Products and Customer Service

We gauge product quality by testimonials from customers, by samples we found on the site, by BestDissertation reviews we have found other places on the web and, of course by the research paper we received.

  • On-site testimonials are all very positive with lots of praise for quality of content
  • Off-site reviews are not as glowing. Customers have complained about poor writing and the use of secondary resources for theses and dissertations. Only primary resources should be used for such works.
  • The paper we received reflected many of the complaints we had already read. Even for a college level research paper, the source materials were far more suited for a high school piece. And, we also found errors in sentence structure, grammar, and word usage.
  • We reviewed two samples on the site. One was a dissertation which contained no original research, an overload of content on how research should be conducted rather than on the topic and related data, no statistical analysis, and research that was very old. The other piece appeared to be the start of a dissertation, but it did not progress beyond the design, and that was pretty inadequate.

Overall, we find that quality is mediocre, and the samples not scholarly as they should be for graduate level projects. They would not be considered by an advisor or a committee as worthy.

We did contact customer service by phone and live chat. While the agents were friendly, they did not seem to understand details of theses and dissertations. We were basically told to place our orders and take it all up with our writer. One worrisome comment was that we could get a full dissertation within 4 days – an original, well-researched piece that includes original research would of course be impossible in that period of time.

Prices and Discounts

There is a place to calculate product pricing on the home page. Our research paper was $127.92, including the 20% discount that is given to new customers. It was 8 pages with a 7-day deadline, and it puts the company well within average pricing. There are other discounts for returning customer, from 5 – 15% depending upon cumulative page totals.

To have a dissertation proofread will cost and additional $800, and a plagiarism report is priced at $479.00. This is pretty outrageous, as those services should be included for a product that costs in the thousands of dollars.


There are free pages – title, table of contents, outline and bibliography. Other extras are all fee-based, such as writer level and VIP customer service.


For the quality of writing, BestDissertation is not a good selection for college and grad students who need high quality resources and content. Further, the prices charged for proofreading and a plagiarism report are exorbitant, when those services should be covered automatically. We cannot recommend this company and give it an overall rating of “Fair.”

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Reviewed BestDissertation

I've read some positive reviews about this company and ordered a dissertation introduction from them. It was a big mistake. They delivered it on time, but it needed a full revision. It was unstructured and full of mistakes. The revision took 8 hours and the paper still wasn't fine. It took another 6 hours to re-do it until it was completely flawless.

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Reviewed BestDissertation

I wish I’d read some thesis writing service reviews before ordering from BestDissertation. I needed urgent help with my thesis, but their writer failed to meet the deadline. They delivered it to my only the day after. And the quality was really low. I regret working with this service. Waste of money. Better look for other dissertation writing companies if you care about your paper.

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Reviewed BestDissertation

The worst dissertation writing service I have seen in my life. Okay, maybe not the worst but definitely it is not the best place where you can buy dissertation. Their "expert" team will surely give you a hand in writing. However, that hand won`t bring anything good. Even the grade you`ll get would be awful. At least, for that terrible paper you will get a discount. Worth or doesn`t worth?

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Reviewed BestDissertation

Please, someone, write my dissertation for me! - what a pity that bestdissertation service decided to give a reply to this request. Their services can be measured as average or even close to low. No discounts to receive, mainly only coupons but they aren`t usable, as you have a restricted number of pages. One more minus is that there isn`t much support from the customer support department. Looks like they don`t work full time (whether they work at all?).

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Reviewed BestDissertation

As a new customer I`ve got almost $100 discount for my 8k words paper. I was explained all the possibilities and I was told there would be no chance of something going the wrong way. I was stupid enough to believe. My paper`s quality was horrifying. It didn`t have enough the necessary material presented and the quotes didn`t belong to the topic at all. Frustrating though.

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Reviewed BestDissertation

Waste of money, to be honest. The paper ordered from BestDissertation brought me "D"! Don't make my mistakes, order elsewhere.

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