Study Bay has been in the essay writing service business since 2013. In these seven years, the company states it has accumulated over 50,000 expert academic writing pros from such schools as Harvard, Oxford, and The Sorbonne.

As well, the website states that over 3 million students have been helped in this time, and that it provides its online custom paper writing services in over 100 countries. This Study Bay review should provide students with enough information to decide if Study Bay is the right academic writing company for them.


Virtually any type of custom writing and other academic help is available from It offers all of the following, and more:

  • Research paper
  • Term paper
  • Research Projects
  • Essay Writing on any topic
  • Admissions and scholarship essays
  • Homework assistance
  • Book reviews
  • Speeches and presentations

  • lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Critical analyses and other related academic papers
  • Research proposals
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Any other types of essay and/or paper writing

The business model is one that we are seeing more and more– students post their research and writing needs on a job board of sorts. Registered writers on the site can then preview these postings and bid on the ones they wish to complete.

Student can “interview” bidders and then, once a price is agreed upon, put their money on account with the company, plus an administrative fee that Study Bay charges. Once the project is completed to the customer’s satisfaction, the money is released to the writer.

Prices and Discounts

While the final cost of the custom essay, paper, or other academic help is up to an agreement between the customer and the wirier, the company does provide some “sample” prices. These are amazingly low – $13 for a 2-page high school essay and $17 a page for PhD level work. The company explains these low prices by stating that it has totally cut out much of the administrative costs that a standard paper writing service has.

Obviously, there are no Study Bay discounts. The company itself acts as a type of “go-between” between students and registered writers. Any discounted prices must be negotiated between customer and writer. And this relies somewhat in customer expertise in negotiations.

Offers and Extra Services

Because of the nature of this business model, we do not find the types of freebies and fee-based extras that we find in the more traditional essay writing service model. In short, the company itself does not offer extra products or services. Again, this is up to any agreement reached between the customer and his chosen writer.

Paper Quality

Judging paper writing quality relies on actual customer comments and feedback. We put out a call for customers of Study Bay to submit their products; we looked on social media platforms for any comments or feedback on quality of products.

What we found was mixed. Many customers were very happy with their delivered products; others, not so much. We did review a few copies of products, and found the same thing. Some of the academic papers were well-researched and written; others had some definite issues – lack of a solid thesis statement, weak resources, etc. We should state that we only received and reviewed college papers, because those were what was submitted to us.

It appears that paper quality is totally a factor of who the customer chooses to complete his custom essay or paper writing, or any other academic writing, editing, or homework needs he has.

Writer Proficiency

Study Bay claims to have amazing writers from renown college and universities all over the planet. To “test” this, we actually went through the application process to become a writer. We completed an application, based upon the education and background of one of our team members who has a graduate degree from a certified U.S. state university. We provided our initial information and were told that they would get back to us within 48 hours. We were contacted and asked additional questions. We were not asked for verification of credentials.

There is no doubt that Study Bay does provide a screening process of sorts before accepting a writer. We do feel, however, that it is not strict enough, and this should be improved. It seems like the company is relying more on its writers receiving good or bad feedback from customers to week out the good from the bad. The problem is this: a poor writer may have completed a number of projects before his evaluations turn off other students.

Customer Service

Customer support is available by phone, email and live chat. We did contact the department by phone a live chat, and tried to determine the amount of involvement the company has when questions, issues, or problems occur. Each time, we spoke with a different support team member. While support team agents were friendly and answered our questions, it became obvious that most issues must be resolved through communication between the customer and his chosen writer. This is not unusual for companies with this business model.

Customer support is available during daytime hours, Eastern Standard Time.


There are policies about the use of this site – a Use Terms Agreement and a privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy does guarantee complete confidentiality to the customer. We urge students to review the terms of use policy, because it does put a great deal of responsibility on the student, if the final delivered product is not acceptable. Disputes, in many instances, must be settled between customer and writer, and the company does not play a big role in resolving them. As well, administrative fees are spelled out (between 28 – 40%), and in some circumstances these are not refunded when a customer’s order price is.

Customer Reviews

In addition to our own investigations, we did look for customer reviews on Site Jabber and Trust Pilot, and here is what we found:

  • There were more positive than negative reviews
  • Complaints included lack of responsiveness of writers when there were issues and requests for revisions, the high administrative costs, poor quality, and the lack of company intervention when there were problems
  • There was an alert on the site Jabber site that it was suspected that the company was involved in getting people to write positive reviews.

Pros and Cons

here are the major pros and cons that we list for you:


  • Students can order any type of writing assignment the may need – from high school through graduate level programs
  • There is a large cadre of writers
  • Prices are reasonable even with administrative fees added on
  • Students can choose among multiple bidders


  • Not enough validation of writer credentials
  • Company lack of intervention when issues arise
  • Customer support only available during certain daytime hours

Our Verdict

Study Bay is a legitimate writing service that has been in business for a number of years. A student may order a research paper, a term paper, all types of essay writing, and high school and college papers, coursework help, presentations, and much more. Many of the writers are highly proficient, as verified by customer reviews. Customers who were not happy complained about quality and lack of responsiveness from both writers and the company. We would say this: when using Study Bay, students should spend time interviewing the bidders to ensure they are getting a writer that will meet their needs.