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ProEssayWriting is, as its name suggests, an essay writing platform. Nothing more beyond that. For what it set out to do, it is a good platform for high school students and their custom essay needs. The platform also advertises itself as a dissertation and thesis writing platform. 


Going through existing ProEssayWriting reviews gives us a good indication of what this platform is all about. They focus on plagiarism free academic papers, but their pricing policy is on the higher end of the spectrum. This does make them more difficult to recommend, as they don’t appear to be affiliated with other writing services. Their platform appears to work with an internal team of writers. They only feature 4 comments on their website, however, there are 5 available on Their writers appear to be entirely anonymous.

Prices and Discounts

The platform offers three levels of “writing quality”: standard, premium, and platinum. Their standard quality writing on short notice hovers around $40, which is the lowest price you can get from them. Compared to that, other writing services start at less than $10 with professional services starting at around $20. There is a huge discrepancy to be found there. Their discount policy features slight discounts based on the number of pages and urgency of academic papers. Likewise, there is a 20% off for first-time orders, which can incentivize students to make an order at least once.

Prices at proessaywriting

Offers and Extra Services

Existing ProEssayWriting reviews point us to the site’s “Special offer” section for offers and discounts. They appear to offer extra services in the form of outlining, formatting, and citation, stating that students “save” money. Given their high pricing for standard services and academic writing, this appears to be a marketing tactic. Free revisions are disguised as “unlimited amendments” as if to avoid using the actual keywords for “free revisions”. The additional keyword would make ProEssayWriting more visible, so the lack thereof is concerning.

Special offers at proessaywriting

Papers Quality

The college papers written by ProEssayWriting vary drastically in quality. Depending on which anonymous writer you are assigned to, your custom essay may or may not reflect the initial requirements you presented them with. The writers’ writing skills are of sufficient quality when it comes to custom essay writing, however, PhD level writing isn’t up to snuff. While ProEssayWriting reviews indicate that the service provides dissertation and thesis writing, these projects result in poor writing quality. I have ordered a paper from them myself and the quality was decent. However, I can’t help but think that there are better alternatives out there.

Writer’s Proficiency

With only 5 reviews present on, it’s difficult to fully ascertain the writing skills of this platform’s writing staff. However, in our case, the writer wasn’t up to the level of professional writers touted by the website itself. The PhD thesis was late and contained polarizing errors, which prompted us to ask for free revisions. Using this writing service is risky given how their professional writers are completely anonymous to the outside customer.

Customer Service

The service offers several communication channels when it comes to customer support. The standard email, phone number, and chatbot capabilities are present on the website. Live chat with real-world representatives appears to be nonexistent. The customer support page indicates that reaching out to the company directly is recommended. In our experience, the support team was unsupportive, meaning that they took a long time to get back to us with answers. If a critical issue with academic writing did happen, we wonder how the support team would handle legit free revisions.

How to contact proessaywriting


They state that they offer plagiarism-free writing regardless of the scale or urgency of the project. They claim to conduct a plagiarism check on each essay writing project before they submit it via email or site download link. Beyond the instructions on how to pay for writing, the site has a very strict and detailed refund policy geared toward the platform itself. This is troublesome given that errors on the part of the writing staff can happen. There are no guarantees as to whether you will receive what you requested. But they go out of their way to explain how you can pay for the service. A very polarizing decision on their part.

Customer Reviews

The reviews for this service are very scarce online, which is concerning for several reasons. The platform has its share of detractors, which point to the fact that PhD-level writing is of very poor quality. Others point out that college papers are plagiarism-free and of satisfactory quality. The rating on is sitting at 4.6 stars, while they are not popular on, with 3.7 stars making it “average”. An interesting thing to point out is that detractors provide objective explanations of their grades. The positive reviews are praising the service without any objective details as to what exactly they are doing so well.

What customers say about proessaywriting

Pros and Cons

Let’s go over the pros and cons of ProEssayWriting to review what you can expect from them as a customer.


  • Acceptable quality of standard essay writing

The services which focus on everyday essay writing services are of standard quality.

  • Focus on academic writing without overextending their services

They chose not to offer dozens of different services and instead focuses solely on academic writing.

  • Discount code for first-time customers

There is a discount code of 20% off for students who may want to try the service out once.


  • Poor PhD level writing skills

Anything beyond base-level writing is of dubious quality when it comes to this service. 

  • Restrictive refund policy

It’s very difficult, if impossible, to receive a refund once you commit to their services.

  • Poor customer support

The support team didn’t fill us with confidence to address comprehensive issues.

Our Verdict

Taking ProEssayWriting reviews into account, it’s safe to say that it is only viable for the most basic writing. Students looking for assistance with Master’s and PhD level essay writing or dissertation assistance should look elsewhere. The customer reviews also didn’t fill us with confidence. While the service does conduct a plagiarism check on each paper they write, that doesn’t matter if the paper itself is of poor quality. They are a serviceable writing platform but legit only for high school students. Their team of anonymous writers will most likely not help your cause. Complemented with their high pricing, it’s difficult to recommend to anyone.