Privacy Policy wants each and every person who visits the site to know what agreement they are getting into. By clicking and visiting the site, as well as accessing its features, you agree to all the terms and conditions as well as the policies set forth in this document.

By reading this document, you agree that you are fully aware of the risks and benefits of using You will also know which type of collection we collect and how we use it.

Data Collection by

  1. Aggregate and general information is the data that includes which browser you are using, what your IP address is, the pages that you click, and the duration of your stay on the site, as well as on each individual page. The data collected is used for site improvements as well as user experience. does not use any user’s information for any other purpose. also stores information from web browsers using cookies. Users may deactivate these cookies at any time. There are also persistent cookies that store log-in information for users who wish to access the site easily. This can be disabled at any time as well.
  2. Personal information is that data that you input yourself in the forms we provide on the site. This includes your name, which will be labeled as First Name and Last Initial, any other information you add to your profile, comments and feedback on other user’s pages, as well as information you send out through emails and conversations within the site.

User-Posted Content

Any content you publish is under your responsibility. You publish it at your own risk. You have the ability to edit your privacy settings using the tools we provide, but public posts have no guarantee of being deleted from the internet due to its exposure before the change in your privacy settings. is not obligated to take responsibility for the actions made by other users on the site against you. If they use your public content, we are not responsible for how they use it. Users must take full responsibility in terms of awareness when it comes to the terms and conditions stated on our site. You must not publish anything that we deem illegal, offensive or inflammatory.

If you are aware of users violating the Terms and Conditions, you must report it to us as soon as possible so we can take swift action against them. has the right to close any account at any time, especially if it violates the privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Invitations for Other Users

If you want to invite any user to become a member of, you can email us the information of the user so we can invite them. Should the invitee reject the invitation, we will keep the email for future use. If the user wants their email removed from our system, you may contact us so we can take it out of our database. The reason why we keep this data is to collect the numbers and establish a success rate for our invitation and newsletter program.

Transferring Personal Information

Your use of our site gives us the right to transfer your data and information throughout the United States of America.

Users Under 13 Years of Age does not collect information from children younger than 13 years old. We also do not consent to allow them to access the website or register on If we find out that a user is below 13 years old, we will ban their account and delete all the information contained in their profile. Should a child want to use the site, they must obtain the consent of their guardian and use the site with assistance.

Users who are Aged 13 to 18

The same goes for this age bracket. They must ask permission from their parents to access the site, but they can do so without supervision. will not be liable for the actions of these users. Their guardians will take full responsibility for any of the content they post or the conversations they have with other users.

What We Do With Your Data

The information you post on your profile will be used to identify you throughout your use of the site and your communication with other users and administrators of the site. If you plan to divulge additional information apart from the ones asked by, we will not be held responsible for any misuse of it by other parties.

Your information such as your name and address will be used to communicate with you by sending you new product updates, notifications of changes, and other content deemed useful by

The user is always responsible for their own privacy settings, which is why we urge you to carefully check what you post. Other users may use your information for commercial or plagiarism purposes.

If you decide to opt out of our email notification, we will still send you notices about important changes on the site.

Security is protected by strong encryption programs and firewalls. Any breach of security from another party through your account is not our responsibility.

Binding of the Terms of This Policy Page

You agree to accept all the information on this document, as well as any other legal document found on this site. You will be notified of any changes regardless of your email settings.