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Pay Me to Do Your Homework is an American company founded in 2010 by a single individual. It provides academic support to students in college and graduate level programs. To evaluate the company and provide this summary review, we read through the entire website, read a few blog posts, checked out prices, policies, and guarantees, as well as listened to customers whose voices we solicited. We contacted the customer support department on two occasions. And then we checked out customer reviews on two major consumer review sites. The following review provides the details of all that we learned.

Summary is not just a writing service. Certainly, they will produce a research paper, a term paper, college papers of any type, essay writing, and all sorts of other academic papers. But their focus is on all sorts of homework for college and grad students. Here are their major categories of assistance:

  • taking online classes
  • taking tests and quizzes
  • taking final exams

  • writing custom essay and other assignments
  • projects
  • homework in any subject

Students place orders for any of the above, the company assigns an expert, and the product or service is then produced and delivered. It should be noted that no student in a university in New York or at OSU may use this service, per agreements reached between the company and that state and university. We do not know if OSU means Ohio State University or Oklahoma State University. Students in those schools need to check before placing an order.

Prices and discounts

Pay Me to Do Your Homework announces up front that its prices are higher than almost any other writing service that provides similar types of academic products and services. It states that prices are higher because it uses top experts to complete student orders. Here are the starting prices for what it offers:

  • Taking an online class – $99
  • Taking Tests and quizzes – $49 per test
  • Finals – $119
  • Paper writing, including a research paper, term paper, custom essay, and other types of essay writing – $29/page
  • Projects – $99/page
  • Homework – $29 per assignment

There are no discounts offered or provided. Prices are based upon the order itself. Students can get a price quote once they fill out the order form and before they make payment. Payment is required up front.

Offers and Extra Services

Most companies that provide academic writing, for example, will list free items, such as college papers’ title pages, bibliographies, etc. provides a single price for the entire order and everything it entails. There are no special offers or extra services involved.

Papers Quality

It’s not just the quality of academic writing that is involved here. It is the quality of all types of products and services. The company guarantees an A or B grade on any order it undertakes – custom writing, test-taking, online coursework, etc. We did put out a call for actual customers to provide their feedback to us and did receive a number of comments about the company. They were a bit mixed – lots of satisfied students and some who were not so happy. Happy customers got their order fulfilled and did receive an A or B. Unhappy ones were those who got lower grades and poor customer support when they complained.

Writer`s Proficiency

Whether the need is for academic papers, online course or test-taking, projects, the company states it uses only Masters and Ph.D. experts to complete the received orders. In this case, we are really not only talking about academic writing but a host of other services, as described above.

Customers who submitted products and feedback to us directly provided a mix of comments. There certainly were many who loved the work of their experts and others who were not so happy. Some stated they did not receive the A or B grade that had been guaranteed and that support team agents were not responsive when they requested refunds.

Customer Service

We found it odd that no company address is provided. The only method of communication with the customer support department is via email messaging. This is unlike many other companies that offer academic products and services. The customer is rather in the dark as the products and services are produced and then delivered.

We did email this department with some questions and did receive responses from different customer team agents. They were friendly, helpful, and did answer our questions.


There are three policies. They include Terms and Conditions, a Privacy Policy, and a Prominent Disclaimer statement. In these, customers will find that their confidentiality is carefully protected, that there are secure methods of making payments, and that the Company does not bear any responsibility for consequences to customers as a result of using their services. They do also guarantee an A or a B on any product or service.

Customer Reviews

We checked out reviews on Site Jabber and Trust Pilot. For a company that has been in business for so long, we found it strange that there were only two reviews – on Site Jabber and Trust Pilot.

  • The review on Site Jabber was fully negative, complaining about not getting what had been ordered, terrible quality, and an “F” grade. The complaint included statements about the lack of responsiveness of customer service and failure to get a refund for the bad product – evidently some form of custom writing.
  • The review on Trust Pilot was far more complimentary, although it was spattered with some complaints too.

In all, two reviews on these popular and reputable sites do not give us enough information to come to any conclusion.

Pros and Cons

We have mixed feelings about Pay Me to Do Your Homework. Here are what we see as the most important pros and cons.


  • Company is clear about the products and services it provides.
  • Guarantees of privacy and secure payment methods
  • Guarantee of A or B on every product or service


  • Only one type of contact method
  • Prices are high
  • Slow response from the support team

Our Verdict

Most students who use academic help services order paper writing. And these services usually offer many of the things that this company does – test-taking, homework help, etc. at cheaper prices. On the other hand, if the company truly uses the experts it claims to use, then perhaps it can justify its higher prices. Pay Me to Do Your Homework reviews are mixed. Our recommendation would be that students begin their use of this company with a small project, to determine the quality they will get and move forward from there if satisfied.