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Gonerdify.com is a prime example of the latest technology that students can use as a resource for many of their needs. It offers services to businesses as well, but for purposes of this review, we will focus only on student needs.

Because Nerdify is not a writing service per se, although we later learned a bit different. Our review will be a bit different than most that we do. We will, though, focus on how the process works, what students can get, customer support, and, as always, actual Nerdify reviews from their customers. Here is our final review of this company.


When we first accessed the Go Nerdify website, it looked as if students could get certain resources – a tutor, help with college admissions applications, resource materials, and the like. What we later learned is that the freelancer nerds of this company will virtually do most any task that a student requests. In fact, students have received the following:

  • Research paper writing
  • Custom essay writing of all types
  • College papers
  • Admissions essays
  • Presentations

  • Other types of custom writing
  • Assignments
  • Custom writing of other types for students and businesses
  • Test-taking

In effect, then, Nerdify can be considered a writing service, serving students in the US, UK, and Canada, as the website states.

Some important things to note here:

  • The company does not assign “nerds” to orders. All of the pros that work for Go Nerdify are freelancers who bid on student orders.
  • The company also has an “honor code” that strictly forbids students from using any products as their own. We believe this is for the protection of the company and is not really enforced.

Prices and Discounts

There are none. In short, the student places a request order by text messaging the company. “Nerds” who want to fulfill that order will then bid on it, and the student selects the freelancer he wants. The price is negotiated between student and freelancer, and then payment is made to the company, to be held until the order is completed.

Note: the company adds an 11% fee onto whatever the student and freelancer agree upon.

Offers and Extra Services

The company itself has not offers or extra services. It truly acts as a job board of sorts, connecting students with freelancers who bid on their orders. And extras will have to be negotiated between the student and his freelance nerd.

Papers Quality

This can only be determined by the feedback that we have been able to get from customers. The site is bare bones and uses AI technology to match student needs with qualified freelancers. There are no samples.

We put out a call for users of Go Nerdify to send us their feedback and copies of the products they had received. We received a research paper, term paper, and other academic writing, such as a lab report, book review, and a custom essay. In reviewing them and reading the customer feedback, the results were mixed. While some were really happy, others said their instructions were not followed and that delivery time was delayed.

Writer`s Proficiency

We can only say one thing. The expertise of the writer is totally a matter of the student knowing how to choose the best nerd for his order. This puts a lot of responsibility on the student to hold discussions with the4 bidders and to make a wise choice.

Customer Service

There is a customer support department that will handle issues, problems, and complaints. We contacted the department by message, with questions about the backgrounds of their freelancers, how they are screened and allowed to register, and the responses of three different support team agents were a bit vague. Again, it will be up to the student to investigate the expertise of bidders and make the best decision possible.


In short, there are none. The AI-powered technology will match a student with the best available freelancer, and the negotiations go on from there. When a student is not satisfied with a product, it is up to him to contact the administrative team and press his own case for why he is not happy. It is then up to the company to make a determination about the validity of the claim and to refund or not.

Customer Reviews

In addition to the feedback that was submitted to us, we checked Site Jabber and Trust Pilot to see what other customers had to say:

  • There are hundreds of reviews on both of these sites – 105 on Site Jabber and almost 900 on Trust Pilot.
  • Reviews ranged from exceptional to horrible.
  • Students who were happy praised the quality of products, especially academic papers, other academic writing assignments, college papers, and coursework assignments.
  • Students who were unhappy spoke to poor quality essay writing, other paper writing, missed deadlines, and failure of the support team to respond to their complaints.

Pros and Cons


  • Rapid tech approach to matching students and freelancers
  • More positive customer reviews than negative
  • Simple and clear website – easy to navigate


  • Denies being a writing service when it is
  • No guarantees for customer satisfaction
  • No policies other than an “honor code” which is not enforced

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a writing service that provides all types of custom writing – paper writing, a term paper, essay writing, homework completion, test-taking, and other types of academic papers, you will find it here, despite what the company initially presents itself as. Customer satisfaction is the result of the freelancer that the “system” finds and the student’s ability to interview and negotiate properly. If you can do this, then this may be a good resource for you.