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2 Highest writing quality. Multiple types of academic papers. from $12.99/page
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3 24/7 customer service. 2000+ qualified writers. All assignment types. from $13.50/page

Hey Tutor, as the name implies, is not a writing service. It provides tutors, both in person and online, to students at all grade levels and to adults in professional fields. While students can certainly get help with academic writing in almost any subject field, the purpose of this company is to provide assistance to students as they struggle with coursework. Our review of HeyTutor.com will be a bit different than those we do for custom writing services, but it does include many of the same factors – the content on the company website, the policies and processes, pricing, special offers, customer support, tutor quality and expertise, and, as always, actual feedback from customers.


Hey Tutor provides academic tutoring to students at all grade levels and in all subject fields., as well as test prep for high schoolers and undergrads applying for certain grad programs. It appears that the company acts as a type of “matching” service for parents and students who request tutoring. Requests for tutoring are submitted to the company, and there are three ways for tutors to be found:

  • Once the need is posted, the company will provide a few tutors to choose from
  • Customers can post their need and have tutors contact them
  • Customers can browse tutor profiles by content field and then choose among them.

The job of the company is to recruit tutors, screen and interview them, and then approve them to register on the site. From this point forward, once a tutor has been selected, the communication is all between the tutor and the customer, including scheduling and method (in person or online).

Pricing and Discounts

There is no set pricing for tutoring services. Each tutor determines his or her own charges, and, once agreed upon, the customer purchases a program for 10, 20, or 30 hours and places that amount on account with the company. Hey Tutor takes an administrative fee from this program purchase.

Obviously, there are no company-offered discounts, like students see from a writing service when they order products like a research paper, term paper, or other types of custom writing. The final decided-upon price is set.

Offers and Extra Services

Most writing services will provide certain freebies when students order academic writing from them. Tutoring services do not operate this way. So, if you are looking to contract with a tutor, any “extras” will be a part of your agreement with him.

Papers Quality

We are not looking for paper writing quality here. We are looking for the quality of tutoring services and the outcomes that customers state they have had from those tutoring experiences. We did have a few HeyTutor reviews from users of our website. These were students who sought tutoring help with their academic writing, specifically college papers and essay writing. In these instances, they submitted their own academic papers to tutors who then walked them through the editing and proofreading process, so that the student could learn how to do this himself.

Writer`s Proficiency

We have to talk about tutor proficiency in this case. And so we put out a call for anyone who has used Hey Tutor to submit their feedback to us. We did receive several responses, and the comments ranged from “great” to unsatisfactory. Complaints seemed to revolve around dis-satisfaction with tutors and inability to get refunds for money put on account for purchased packages. We looked further.

Customer Service

The company does have a type of customer support department. First, when customers need tutoring, they complete a request form on the site and then receive responses from support team agents or tutors themselves. Hey Tutor also states that if a customer is no happy with his/her tutor, he can request another. The process for doing this is a bit unclear, but there is a phone number to call and speak with a support team member.


There is only one guarantee. If the first session with a tutor is not satisfactory, then the company states it will refund the money for that tutoring session. The customer can then request another tutor, but the initial package cost that is on the account is not automatically refunded. Another tutor can be contracted with, and the money on the account can be used toward that cost.

Customer Reviews

Beyond the feedback we received, we did check out customer reviews on site Jabber and Trust pilot. This is what we have found:

  • There is one review on Site Jabber, and that is 5-star
  • There are 225 reviews on Trust Pilot. 79% are 5-star; 20% are 1-star. Satisfied customers speak to the expertise and great help from their tutors. Complaints relate from bad and unprepared tutors to poor customer service, especially when customers believe they are due refunds.

Pros and Cons


  • Good tutor profiles
  • Full range of content fields
  • Blog with engaging topics


  • Customer must pay $9 for a background check
  • Complaints about lack of clear refund policies

Our Verdict

Do not look for any type of essay or paper writing or other types of academic papers or projects from Hey Tutor. It is strictly a company that will give you help if you are struggling with any coursework through individual tutors who will work with you one-on-one. If you do need this kind of help, HeyTutor.com may be a good source.