Home » Essay Writing Service Reviews » is a popular essay writing service, and it’s been around for quite some time. Does that longevity translate into quality? We’ve written this review on EssayShark to answer the following questions:

  • Do they offer quality custom essay writing?
  • Is customer support professional and helpful?
  • Are their prices competitive? What about attractive discounts?
  • Can students count on them for any worthwhile extras?
  • What is our final recommendation?

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EssayShark is an online writing service with a key focus on academic essay writing. They are owned by Cyprus based company FrogProg. EssayShark is a writing marketplace. This means that customers submit projects for paper writing, and writers bid on them in hopes of getting hired. Students may review the bids they receive and look at writer profiles before they make a selection. The company offers standard paper writing services like essay, dissertation, research paper and term paper writing.

Prices and Discounts

Students who place orders for essay writing services have two options. They can allow the system to automatically select a writer. We did this with a term paper with a two-week deadline. This cost $16.70 per page. That’s fairly average pricing. To take this option, we would have placed that amount into reserve until a writer was assigned, and the project was complete. There are no pricing tables available, so we aren’t sure how the price per page is calculated.

The other option is to place an order for a custom essay, then wait to receive bids from writers. Users are notified when bids come in. They may view the amounts of each bid as well as useful information about the writers who submit them.

Because essay writers submit their best bids, there are no discounts. However, students may be able to negotiate in order to get a better value. We did notice that they accept Apple Pay. That’s a nice addition for students interested in modernized payment options.

Offers and Extra Services

There are really no extra services and offers for sale at this academic paper writing service. Instead of offering add-ons, customers simply work directly with writers to get all the elements they want. We did notice that the site has a blog. The posts there are mostly about paper writing. Students may also read writer reviews.

Papers Quality

Since it’s the most popular option, we submitted a research paper order for bids. We reviewed the bids we received and looked at writer profiles. We selected a reasonable bid, but not the cheapest. This was from a writer who seemed to be reasonably qualified. We received our term paper on time. It was complete and on topic.

Writer’s Proficiency

We chose a writer who claimed to have experience with college papers writing. Our experience was a bit mixed. We certainly believe the writer had some experience writing college papers. They did many things right, including formatting and citations. However, since we paid for custom writing, we expected better essay writing. At the university level, it’s reasonable to expect academic papers to use very detailed, well-thought-out arguments. This was simply lacking here. Worse, since the paper was somewhat decent.

Customer Service

There is no live option for contacting the support team here. That was a bit disappointing. Instead, customers can go through their accounts to message support. People who don’t have accounts yet may email customer support. We received responses to our queries in a relatively short amount of time. Still, it wasn’t as immediate as live, online chat support.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the positives we found about EssayShark paper writing service:

  • Paper writing is decent, if not stellar quality.
  • Attractive payment options
  • Freedom to research and select a writer.

Now a few negative points:

  • No direct method for contacting the support team.
  • Essay writing is not always up to top academic standards.

Our Verdict

We believe that students who are interested in purchasing academic papers proceed with caution. We think it is possible to receive expert academic writing here. Unfortunately, that depends largely on the writer selected. We placed an order for essay writing and got very mediocre results. Someone who truly needs stellar, custom essay services might want to check out EssayShark reviews before they decide if the company is reliable.