Home » Essay Writing Service Reviews » provides a variety of writing services. There are many reviews that can be found on these services elsewhere on the internet.  This review will solely focus on the dissertation, consulting services Essay Republic provides to graduate students. The only products and services we review will be directly related to dissertations. In addition to ordering dissertation services, we have read Essay Republic reviews on dissertations, explored the relevant pages on the company website, and interacted with a writer and several customer service agents.

Keep reading. We hope that you will find this review very informative.

Website Quality

We spent quite a bit of time exploring the website and reading the content therein. As a whole, the website was easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and provided a great user experience. We found the blog posts extremely interesting and informative. The policy pages were clear and easy to understand. We had no problems using the website from a mobile device.

The service pages and other content that specifically relate to dissertation services were very detailed and informative. After reading them, we felt very confident that we knew what we could expect when we placed our order.

We want to be very clear that the company is very candid in disclosing what their services do not entail as well as what they do entail. For one thing, the dissertation specialists are not able to conduct research or take notes on behalf of the client. This is work that the client must do themselves in the field or on campus. The dissertation specialist is also unable to collect data. What the specialist can do is help with research design, creating the statistical analysis, and create any required instruments.

Unfortunately, this is quite rare. All too often, these services offer complete dissertation research and writing. Then, they return subpar or plagiarized work.

Quality of Products And Customer Service

We consider several factors here. First and foremost is our experience at We will get into that momentarily. We also consider other consumer reviews, overall website quality, and customer testimonials. We also check in with a few consumer advocacy groups. We can assure everyone that we found no complaints or accusations of dishonesty.

Here is what we found. Consumer reviews on dissertation services were almost completely positive. We found positive comments on academic forums and social media sites as well. We requested help writing our dissertation proposal. We received our work well before the deadline, and we were impressed with the writing. It was thorough and convincing. The writer very capably conveyed exactly what we wanted.

Prices and Discounts

The prices are right in line for other dissertation writing services. Our ten page dissertation proposal cost just under $220.00. A quick glance at other prices revealed similarly standard pricing. Because this was our first time placing an order, we were able to avail ourselves of a fifteen percent discount. We made note of the fact that several other discounts are offered as well. These include bulk discounts, and discounts for multiple orders.


In addition to some great blog content, there are other extra bonuses as well. Title pages, outlines, and other addons are available. Some of these are free. Others are available for a nominal fee.


For doctoral candidates, the thesis is literally the most important document of your academic career. Your success depends on completing this assignment successfully. You must be able to fully trust any writing service that you hire to help you. Fortunately, Essay Republic delivers on all levels. We are happy to give this company our full endorsement and recommendation.