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While on the surface it appears very professional and well-curated, we’ve decided to take a closer look at its writing service. By combing through EssayEdge reviews, their website, customer support options, we’ve made a thorough assessment of whether or not they are a legit platform.


This is an academic papers platform that offers extensive services for students of all categories. Whether you’re preparing to apply for college or are working on your Ph.D. thesis or even admission essays, will have premier services available for you. Their writing service portfolio extends to the personal statement, CV, cover letter writing, as well as various editing and rewriting services. An additional keyword worth pointing out about is “professionalism”.

While they are not affiliated with other writing services, they feature universities such as Berkeley and Cambridge as places from which they have had customers. The service has been active in some form since 1997 and the custom essay website lists 20+ years of experience on their landing page.

This is a writing service with a highly professional team of writers where each is assigned based on his/her expertise in the customer’s academic papers.

Prices and Discounts

Prices on are on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to writing services. Their prices are set based on the type of order, word count, and deadline.

The most basic writing service (proofreading of a single page) will cost you $69, with premier single-page writing starting at $379. Compared to that, other essay writing services start at around $10 per page for basic college papers which is more realistic.

As other EssayEdge reviews point out, the service does offer a 10% discount on first orders, however, this is still a high price of entry. The service does feature Ivy League graduates as writers and they offer academic papers in law and medical niches, so the prices make sense.

However, this is not a custom essay service you should use for standard essay writing, despite their professional writers seemingly having exemplary writing skills.

EssayEdge Prices

Offers and Extra Services features free admission preparation guides that are meant to improve each customer’s writing skills as a free service. Apart from that, writing samples in various academic fields are available if you are not convinced by the platform’s professional writers.

There are no major offers or extra services to speak of beyond the initial 10% off promo code, which is a shame. EssayEdge reviews point out that this is a hurdle for most students on a tighter budget. However, the writing skills of their staff are meant to make up for that.

EssayEdge Extra Services

Papers Quality 

Everything we’ve seen about the professional writers on painted a very reliable image of their skills and competencies. We’ve decided to order 600 words college essay to test their writing skills and then ask for free revisions.

Contrary to many other writing services, allows you to directly communicate with a writer via email. This means that you can ask for free revisions and get samples of their work during academic writing.

The paper we have ordered came on time, just as expected, and the writer told us that it was plagiarism free. However, when it came to any revisions, the positive experience came to an end. is marketed not only as a writing service but an editing service. Anything related to proofreading, rewriting, and citations are charged extra.

That means that free revisions are unfortunately very limited, so you will be left with whatever the writer delivers to you. Given their experience, it shouldn’t be an issue, but if you don’t receive what you asked for, be prepared for complications.

Writer’s Proficiency

As the website’s landing page says, the writer assigned to us was very professional, communicative, and knowledgeable about the topic of our paper. She was a native English speaker with a rich vocabulary, a laid-back style of communication, and a friendly attitude. She was very keen to ask questions about our academic paper before she started working on it to avoid miscommunication.

The author quickly finished our assignment and delivered it via email. While the paper itself was of good quality, we wanted to test the website’s free revision policy (if there was any). We used a plagiarism checker beforehand, and everything was in order on that front.

Unfortunately, additional edits and changes to the paper would cost extra, which is a shame. Even if you have legit concerns with your paper’s quality, the service will try to assure you that no, the paper is fine. This is concerning since everyone can make a mistake from time to time.

Customer Service

The customer support featured on is basic compared to their writing services. You can get in touch with the support team via email, live chat, or phone depending on where you live. The service does feature social media pages, but they are curiously not listed on the website itself.

The customer support team was kind enough to answer our questions before we ordered academic papers from their professional writers. However, most of the answers came down to “look at our FAQ”. So they either have a lot of customers to service or don’t want to spend too much time on any one customer.

While not bad by any means, their customer support seemed very rudimentary, and we had a feeling it is only there to satisfy legal requirements. 

Guarantees features its professional writers front and center throughout the website. Their profile descriptions and experience encourage trust. However, the site’s refund policy is polarizing.

There is no firm money back refund policy apart from the information that you can request up to 90 days from the paper’s delivery. The platform appears to be very strict about issuing any form of refund, which is a shame since it seems suspicious.

Even if their papers are of top quality, a money back refund policy is a must for any writing service.

Customer Reviews

There is a plethora of EssayEdge reviews on both and

The platform holds a 5-star rating on and a 4.6-star rating on, respectively. Very few reviews are critical of the platform, and the majority are quite satisfied with their support team and writing services. Negative reviews are short and vague, with no objective criticism of apart from simply wanting to give a negative review.

Overall, we’d say that the consensus is positive and that a lot of customers walked away from this service satisfied with their academic writing.

Pros and Cons


  • Highly professional writers. works with Ivy League graduates as their professional writers. This means that every writer on the platform is a genuine expert in academic writing.
  • Testimonials from established universities.
    Reputable universities from UK and US are featured prominently on the site’s landing page as partners. In translation – a lot of students from these schools ordered writing services from and were satisfied.
  • Plenty of informative customer reviews.
    Customer reviews on aggregate websites are informative, objective, and offer a very clear image of what the service is like. This is great for people who are unwilling to commit to a writing service without social proof beforehand.


  • Very high price points. is one of the most expensive writing services on the market. This can alienate first-time customers, especially with very basic discounts available.
  • Lack of extra services.
    Any form of proofreading, rewriting, or editing is considered a paid service on this platform. If you are unsatisfied with your paper in any way, you may need to pay more for additional changes.
  • Very strict refund policy.
    The money back refund policy on is barely existent. While it’s possible to ask for a refund, in theory, you will be hard-pressed to prove that your paper is not what you asked for.

Our Verdict

As other EssayEdge reviews point out, this is an exemplary writing service that will serve a lot of students very well. However, their price range and the fact that everything is charged extra can be discouraging.

If you need a simple custom essay or academic writing, you may want to look elsewhere for your college papers. Those that study law, medicine, and other more complex fields will find no fault with and their service portfolio.

It is a legit plagiarism free platform with numerous writing services available for your academic convenience.