If you’re interested in finding a writing service, EssayBot is a unique alternative. We investigated this paper writing provider to answer the following questions:

  • Can you count on their support team for 24/7 customer support?
  • Do they charge reasonable rates?
  • Will you receive a quality paper?
  • What about extras and guarantees?


With most services, you place an order for a research paper, term paper, or other product. Then, a human writer completes the work as ordered. That’s not what happens here. Instead, an artificial intelligence tool automatically creates a paper based on your responses to a series of prompts.

The company was started by Aaron Yin, who initially tried to market the product to create a business copy. When that venture failed, he decided to market to students. This is a subscription based service. Students don’t choose any particular grade level or writing type. They simply enter a topic and begin responding to questions. The computer then searches the internet, pulls up relevant passages, and ‘rephrases’ them. It can also insert citations.

Prices and Discounts

This is a subscription based service. There aren’t discounts in a traditional sense as this isn’t a standard essay writing company. Instead, students purchase memberships for a quarter, half year, or full year. Once they purchase a membership, they can use the tool to create a custom essay on demand. The discounts here depend on the length of the subscription.

Offers and Extra Services

This custom writing tool provider doesn’t really offer any extra services or content. Students may review samples of college papers that the EssayBot tool has generated.

Papers Quality

We used the company to produce a short article on popular waterfalls in Africa. It was quite interesting to use the tool. Unfortunately, when it comes to paper writing, AI technology just isn’t ready yet. The tool attempts to rephrase the text it finds. Unfortunately, it’s not able to understand the context. The result is that the word substitutions are often wrong, and the writing sounds stilted and awkward.

For example, one passage in our sample article had the phrase ‘North America’. The tool inferred that the word ‘North’ could be replaced with the word ‘region’. The result was, ‘Tourists from Region America…’ Of course, that’s a nonsensical sentence in context. These mistakes were made all over the paper. Any student using this tool would have to go through their paper to fix these mistakes.

This is particularly concerning if ESL students attempt to use this tool. They may not have the language familiarity to understand that the word choices in their term paper are not appropriate.

Writer’s Proficiency

In this case, the research paper writer is a bot. It was not capable, in our experience, of producing a usable academic paper.

Customers Service

The only way to contact the support team is through email. To reach out to the customer support department, however, you will have to manually copy the email address into your mail provider. The link on the page generates a 404 error.


Students who decide to order academic papers here should understand that there are no guarantees. Students rely on this academic writing service at their own risk. No warranties are made or implied.

Customer Reviews

We use TrustPilot and SiteJabber as our sources of customer reviews of essay writing services. There are currently no custom essay reviews on SiteJabber, and the company has not claimed its profile there. There is one positive Essay Bot review on TrustPilot that was published in 2019. It mentions that the tool does a great job and that they only had to do a bit of work to fix any issues. The overall rating on TrustPilot is 3.6 out of 5 stars.

Pros and Cons

Here are some positives:

  • Students may test out this service for free.
  • Progressive savings for longer subscriptions.
  • Examples of AI generated college papers are available.

Now the negatives:

  • The custom writing results are poorly phrased and awkward.
  • Unreliable support.

Our Verdict

Students should not rely on this service for academic papers. The tool simply cannot reproduce academic writing that makes much sense.