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How to Detect Fake or Scamming Writing Services

  • Posted by BestWritingAdvisor
  • March 15

It is easy to create your own website nowadays. By simply paying for your domain and hiring or buying a template, you can have your own website that is functioning and running. And with the growing presence and power of the internet, you can easily hire people to do things for you online. In point of fact, you can also pay for excellent writing websites to work and help you with your essays, especially if you are already pressed with time. But anyone who wants to try hiring an online writing service, they must be able to determine whether a website is trustworthy or not. Here are a few tricks to detect fake a writing services website:

1. If the writing services website have multiples and even hundreds of web addresses. Do not be fooled. Most websites may look different but you need to have a keen eye to determine which are true or not. Since this is a common mistake for clients who are first timers, you need to check all the external links to streamline authentic online writing services.

2. Do not check the testimonials fake writing websites show, rather check other websites that rates online writing services. Since most of these website show reviews from so-called clients, the logic here is they will only release testimonials and reviews that give five star ratings, which are in some cases fabricated. This only means viewing those so called reviews from scamming writing services is not to be trusted. Always remember that you are actually paying money for their services and you do not want your invested put into waste.

3. Do not be fooled by these fake writing services numerous departments. If they say they have at least 20 departments such as billing, human resources, or quality assurance, chances are they are not true. What you need to realize is these scamming websites only need a few people to run their human resources department. It is important to note that these companies are run by a few people which mean more departments only justifies these websites inconsistencies.

4. If these fake writing websites have no customer services department. Of course, if you are spending money on these writing services, you have to be smart enough to contact their customer services department first. If they do not pick up right away, there’s a possibility that the writing services website you want to hire is quack.

5. If the online writing services website does not show their mailing address, e-mail address, and other important contact information. Always remember that you are paying for their services, hence you need to be smart with your choices. Since they are hired online, you need to be informed with their contact details, so you can chase them if you encounter any problems. Authentic online writing services are not afraid to give out contact information to clients because they do not have anything to hide and are available to serve their clients.

6. If they do not treat their employers well. Since you are the client, you will not automatically determine the treatment of the employers to their employees. However, you can always ask for information regarding the person who will write your essay or other writing need. Remember, freelancers are different from regular employees. Students like yourself should always know your rights and determine the risks if it occurs.

7. If they give you plagiarized work and do not offer a refund. You would always want your paper to be free from illegalities. This means they should be proofread and is not plagiarized. Since academic papers allow borrowing text from other sources, you have to have a keen eye on how they cite sources. If it your duty as a client to ask these writing services about the different formats such as MLA, APA, Chicago, and other writing formats.

8. If they have a questionable privacy content as well as guarantees and policies. Before paying for these writing services, you must read their privacy policy and other regulations first. You should always read every word and ensure they included legal policies.

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