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Advantages PhDs have Over Other Job Candidates

  • Posted by BestWritingAdvisor
  • March 14

Sometimes PhD holders have a notion that big companies will not hire time because of being too overqualified. Do not be frightened that employers will not be interested in you. After all, you did not sacrifice additional years of gaining competitive knowledge in your chosen field over nothing. If you are currently finishing your doctoral’ s degree or already a holder, do not fret- your future is in your hands. Here are the reasons why having PhD is an advantage among other candidates.

You know how to identify and find appropriate solutions to problems.

Employers are looking for candidates who possess the ability to think critically, able to solve complex problems, and coming up with correct decisions for the company. These three skills are found in you-PhDs can identify the problem and find the corrective solution to that problem.

Do not forget that you worked hard on your dissertation. You did countless research, finding the best solutions and methods to your writing. You are able to tackle tough questions and able to come up with appropriate solutions. From the numerous articles, journals and books references you read, you already possess research skills that will be valuable to big companies. This is one of the fruits of your labor that you deserve from all your hard work.

You can handle negativity as well as rude bosses

When you were still finishing your doctoral degree, your academic advisor is one of the bests of his field except that he was very unpleasant. You experienced feeling low and naïve every time you try to consult with him. You received numerous criticisms from him and even to the point that you felt that he was stopping you from graduating.

In spite of the negativity from your academic advisor, you soared high and graduated with flying colors. The cruelty of your academic advisor pushed you to be better. Moreover, your patience was tested to prepare you for a better future in your field. Hence, you have more tolerance in dealing with stressful environment and pessimism.

Because you experienced all sorts of tyranny, you are flexible and able to deal with anything that may come in your way. The bright side once you are in the industry is you never have to deal cruelty alone. You have the human resource department to back you up.

Fear is just a word

You learned while you were in graduate school that failure was just usual to happen. You failed numerous times but you still stood up. This is because you have already realized then that each failure is a piece of a puzzle for you to be better in your career. You realized that the bet teacher to make you prepared outside the academic bubble are failures. Failures showed you range of possibilities on how to deal with difficult situations.

Do you think that all people think like these? No, they do not. Most often than not, people just quits rather than risking to fail. Failing to be risky keeps them stagnant and hinders them to the real taste of success. You fought hard which makes this as an advantage over other job candidates.

Remember that you are trained in your graduate school to be competitive. Employers look for someone who can collaborate and able to can create value adding information. You can never be too qualified for a job. Employers who tell you that you are overqualified, the real reason why they are hesitant to hire you because you were unable to present yourself of who your really are. Your experience and your PhD are the sole reasons of you being better from others. Be confident when during your job interview and leverage on your title.

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